Obscore is a privacy preserving fashion style that combines elements of streetwear, urban, and utilitarian fashion, with a focus on clothing and accessories that partially or fully cover the face. The purpose of this style is to provide a fashionable and functional way to protect against facial recognition technology and other forms of surveillance, while also making a statement about privacy and personal security.

This style is influenced by the current zeitgeist of privacy and surveillance concerns, as well as a desire for greater personal security in an increasingly interconnected and technologically-advanced world. It could also be influenced by countercultural movements or political activism.

Key elements of the Obscore style include masks, hoods, hats, and scarves that are designed to obscure the face, as well as clothing and accessories that feature patterns, textures, or materials that are known to be adversarial to facial recognition algorithms. These elements may be incorporated into a variety of fashion trends, such as streetwear, urban, or utilitarian styles, and could be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Overall, Obscore is a fashion style that combines fashion and function with a focus on privacy and personal security, and is designed to challenge and resist the use of facial recognition technology in various contexts.